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First of Summer 2018: #LaLaLoveMeLikeCebu in #BoholNewWorld

Okay, I just want to include our self-proclaimed witty trip hashtags in the title. Lol.

As a first of summer 2018, me and my good friends, Tiene and Eid, went to Bohol with a quick trip to Cebu which was actually impromptu (not part of the original plan until the day before we went to Cebu. Talk about yolo). This fun trip happened last March 2-5, 2018.

We decided to go to Bohol because aside from the fact that I was not able to fully appreciate it when I was first there because I was sick, Tiene’s grandmother lives there so we already had a place to stay. Neat!

I was able to go around Bohol this time and I shall detail the trip in this blog post.

We had an early (6:00AM) flight to Tagbilaran but it was also good because we were already there around 7:30AM which was perfect for breakfast. We were fetched at Tagbilaran Airport by Tiene’s uncle, Tito Vlad and he brought us to eat breakfast at Tamper Coffee and Brunch.

Our delicious breakfast!

After breakfast, tito Vlad drove us to the place where we were going to stay (Tiene’s grandmother’s house). After settling down and fixing our things for the day, we started our itinerary for the day.
DAY 1: Bohol
Rio Verde Floating Resto Inc.

We rode a big boat that goes around Loboc River which offers a buffet lunch with a local performer. There are different types of boats but we chose the Pawikan priced at Php450* per head. The boat had a stopover at a community where we were able to take photos.

Going around Loboc River and taking photos along the way

Man-made Forest

We then drove to the man-made forest to snap quick photos. I was not able to do this properly the first time I was here so I made sure I was able to get a decent shot before we left. Lol.

Yup, satisfied with my shots. Haha! It also helps when you have friends who take good photos and are a good lookout for incoming cars.

Tarsier Conservation Area

It was a quick drive to the conservation area from the man-made forest. Tickets are priced at Php60 per person. Most of the tarsiers in the conservation were either sleeping or hiding behind leaves but it was good that we were able to see several.

bcc2 (1).jpg
Creepy tarsier mascot on the left, I know. But the tarsier in the middle is the real thing! And of course, a selfie outside the conservation area.

Chocolate Hills

And for our final stop, we headed over to the infamous Chocolate Hills! It was awesome to finally see the real thing (because I have been to the fake Chocolate Hills before in Nayong Pilipino for our field trip back in elementary school. Lol). There is an e-tricycle that takes tourists to and from the Chocolate Hills area for free. The ticket to the view deck costs Php50 per person and be prepared for a bit of a climb to the top.

Photo supportive friends are the best. Haha!

Trivia: There are a total of 1,268 Chocolate Hills
Smoque Bar and Bistro

Finally, for dinner, we went to a cozy place which serves really delicious food! Prices are relatively expensive but the taste of the food is excellent.

Dinner time!

After dinner, we went to Bohol Bee Farm to try their famous ice cream before we drove back to rest and prepare for the adventure for the next day. Here we go, Cebu!
Day 2: Cebu

I have been to Cebu before for work during Sinulog Festival but I was not able to go around that much. This impromptu trip made it possible for me to see a tad bit more of Cebu. We planned to do the island hopping here with two of Tiene’s friends who were in Cebu at that time.

We left Tagbilaran really early so we can get to Cebu early as well, we rode Super Cat ferry and paid a one-way ticket price of Php500 per person.

Good morning!

Before heading to the beach, Tiene, Eid and I dropped by Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly to buy our baon/packed lunch for the day. A kilo of lechon costs Php450 and they have this in original and spicy flavor. We also bought several puso which is basically sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves.
Maribago Public Beach

The beach front here is not really clean. This is just basically where we got the boat to take us around. There were five of us (we joined two of Tiene’s friends, LA and Candice) and we were able to get a big boat for just Php2,500 (talk about good negotiation skills!)

The view of the sea got bluer and more beautiful as we moved further which made us more excited for our first stop – Caohagan Island.

Shades of beautiful blue

Caohagan Island

This beautiful island was where we first swam. We did not dock to avoid paying entrance fees (after all, we were just going to swim around so there was no need to dock). This was also the part where we ate our baon! I swear, lechon tastes so much better when you are eating it using your hands, without utensils.

The group enjoying at Caohagan Island. Top photo from L-R (Eid, Camae, Tiene, LA and Candice)

Random Island

Apologies, I forgot the name of the second island we went to but this is where we docked. Aside from relaxing by the sand, we enjoyed taking a lot of photos.

Happy place!

We were enjoying so much here that we did not notice the water levels go lower so our boat had to move farther; which, in turn, forced us to walk to where it was. We all got anxious because we saw several sea urchins around so the walking part was the only thing that I did not enjoy.
Fish Sanctuary

And finally, for our last destination, our boatmen brought us to a deep part of the ocean where there is an abundance of different kinds of fishes. It was also my first time to snorkel without life vest because before, I was too scared to be swept away by the current. This time; however, even if the current was strong, I found the courage to just trust my mediocre swimming skills. Lol.

Eid, Tiene and I underwater. Clearly, Eid is the mermaid-est of all. Haha!

Seeing the beautiful sight underwater was a refreshing end to our island hopping. We went back to Maribago with a happier heart and a darker skin tone. Haha!

We then took a cab back to the place we were staying – Tiene’s aunt! How lucky for us because we did not have to pay for a place to stay. Thank you, Tiene! We took a bath and fixed our things before heading out for dinner in Sugbo Mercato.
Sugbo Mercato

This is a food park with abundant stalls but limited tables and chairs. Fortunately, we were able to score a table so we were able to eat our food comfortably. What I like about this place is the live performance of local artists who really sound wonderful (yes, I used wonderful because this place is sponsored by Globe)

So many people!

After dinner, we walked around for a bit to check out some other stores. As soon as we were good for the night, we chartered an Uber going back to Tiene’s aunt’s house. (Thank you, Cebu, for having Grab and Uber!)
Day 3 – Cebu and Bohol

Before heading to the port, we decided to go to Ayala Center Cebu (well, to be honest, it was because I insisted to go there so I can do a quick trade check for work. Lol). Aside from my trade check, this is also where we bought our ferry tickets back to Bohol. We thought that buying there was a good idea to save time in buying at the port…or so we thought.

We also bought our packed lunch in Jollibee (because why not) before heading back to Tiene’s aunt’s house to get all our things before heading to the port.

(Trivia: Tiene’s aunt actually makes really neat souvenir items! They even have a novelty shop in their home. Check out W&C Novelties in Cebu. Unfortunately, it does not appear in the map but it is just across Bella Terra Townhomes, which appears in the map.)

Remember when I said that we wanted to save time by buying ferry tickets in Ayala Center Cebu? Well, we almost did not make it to our trip because of the horrible traffic in Cebu! The ferry literally left as soon as we boarded! And to reward ourselves, we munched on our Jollibee chicken joy while watching The Mummy movie.

After about two hours, we were back in Bohol where we were fetched by tito Vlad and brought to a store to buy our pasalubongs! Afterwards, we went back to Tiene’s grandmother’s house before heading out to eat dinner at Shang Palace.
Shang Palace

A typical Chinese restaurant. Note that food here is pricey but good at the same time.

Sporting my newly bought earrings at W&C Novelties

After dinner, we went to meet Tiene’s other friends at Publicity Bar and Lounge where we had a few bottles to drink while talking about life.

It is always good to make new friends. L-R: Tito Vlad, Jake, Yuri, Camae, Tiene and Eid

Day 4: Bohol to Manila

Before taking us to the airport, tito Vlad hosted our breakfast in his home. He prepared hashbrowns and sausages for us which tasted really good. After the final fixing, he drove us to the airport where we waited for our plane back to Manila.

Upon arriving in Manila, we chanced upon our officemate at the airport! Good to see you, Ron!

We deserve awesome. 🙂

And that sums up our trip to Bohol and Cebu!

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Tiene and her family and relatives for being very hospitable to me and Eid. This made the entire trip extra comfortable.

To Tiene and Eid for being fun companions all throughout. There was never a dull moment!

To the Lord for keeping us safe and for making me strong and well this time around.


I would like to come back to Bohol again in the future. More so in Cebu because there are so many more places I have not been to yet. Hopefully, I can come back and visit before everything gets extra busy again because of work.

And for those asking, my budget for this trip was Php6,000 excluding the airfare.

Thank you very much for reading!


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