Half Marathon in Skechers Performance Run 2018

A week after running a full marathon, I ran a half marathon in Skechers Performance Run. This was the first time that the known shoe brand conducted a running event in the country and because their finisher entitlements looked great, I decided to join.

Fortunately, my teammates were also there so I had more reasons to go.

For some reason, I felt good during this run – maybe because I just came from a marathon a week before but I am not sure.

I was pacing a friend up until the fourth kilometer where we got separated because he apparently went to the portalet. I had to then complete the 17 kilometers by myself but that was not a problem.

I finished with a time of 2:22 – back to Sub2:30. My teammates and I then had breakfast at Chowking where we were treated by Sai. Advance happy birthday!


For the official results and photos, click here.

Running has been a form of good stress for me. Stress because this is a tiring activity with complications every now and then but this is also good because at the end of the day, I become a better version of myself. Running has also introduced me to a lot of good people.

Onto the next.

Thanks for reading!

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