Half Marathon in Takbo PH Runfest

It has been a while since I last ran long distance in a running event. However, I decided to do it again because I wanted to regroup with my running team who I have not seen since December of 2017. I was not able to train for this so I did suffer a bit in terms of leg pains but I still had fun because of my team.

This event happened last July 1, 2018.

Pre-run fresh faces

It has been so long since I last saw the team so the reunion felt really refreshing.

I was accompanied by my teammate, JZ, for the entire distance because he was also not aiming for a PR coming from a long running break (same as me).

All smiles at the beginning

This was my longest 21km run to date because I had to stop several times because I felt my knees hurt. This was a pain I have not felt for a long time so I was displeased upon feeling it again.

All smiles because we were only 600m away from the finish line

After crossing the finish line, JZ and I met up with the rest of the team. We waited until the end of the program because one of my teammates scored a place in the 21k male category. Congratulations on bagging 3rd, Marco!

Post-run jitters (From L-R: Marco, James, JZ, Tupe, Camae, Sai)

We then had our breakfast at Mang Inasal where we were treated by James and JZ (happy birthday, boys!)


For the official results and photos, click here.

Really glad I was able to see the team again. This run made me rekindle the love I have for running and that is why I will do my best to sign up to as many long distance runs as possible before this year ends.

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