16km in Pinoy Fitness Kasama Run 2018

Last August 19, I paced a friend in the third Pinoy Fitness Kasama Run. I was present in all three years with the first one being my fastest in terms of time, the second one being the most enjoyable and the third one being my most relaxed. I guess joining this run has now become an annual thing because I originally planned to join another event in Clark but I hesitated because I would be coming from a company sports fest the day before and I would surely not have enough energy to complete a marathon.

Luckily, Mujib, a friend of mine, asked if I could pace him in Kasama Run – he initially wanted 10km but I wanted 16km (because of the shirt) and in the end, we both agreed to do 16 after which Mujib registered for us.

Before doing this run, I came from our company sports fest and joined the cheerdance competition, the 1.5km run and the amazing race. We won in cheerdance, I bagged first place in the 1.5km run but lost in the amazing race. Case in point, Saturday was pretty much a full day of physical activities which started very early in the morning and ended a bit late.

First place!

On the morning of Kasama Run, I almost overslept! Lol. Aside from the fact that I woke up late, I was not able to prepare my things the night before. But not to worry, I still made it on time. I met up with Mujib at the event area and I was also lucky to see another good friend, Tristan.

Mujib, me, Eva and Tristan

Gun start was at 4:30AM and as soon as the run began, we did a chill pace of about 6:30/km. The route was already familiar to me but I did not expect it to be two loops. To be honest, this was the most disappointing route in all the three years.

First loop

Mujib told me that his PR for 10k was an hour and fifteen minutes so I had to push him to lower it down so he can hit a new PR. I was constantly giving tips on proper breathing (same as what my coach before used to tell me back when I was just starting). When I saw Mujib slowing down, I literally put my hand on his back and began pushing him (lol I had to because I needed him to get a new PR for 10km). I also constantly told him of our distance and I did countdowns to also motivate him to keep pushing.

Fortunately, he was able to bag a new 10k PR of an hour and ten minutes – a five-minute improvement. Not bad!

Almost there!

And slowly, we reached kilometer after kilometer until the finish line came to view. Again, I placed my hand on his back and began pushing him to dash. I am not sure if it was just my imagination but I heard cheers as soon as we started dashing towards the finish line. And finally, we crossed it with a time of two hours and six minutes! (I might have pushed Mujib a bit on the first 10k which was why he slowed down on the remaining six kilometers but a PR is a PR!)

Moira, Kevin, me, Mujib, Meeckay, Czarina and Cyril #hsneverends

We then claimed our finisher entitlements before meeting up with our other friends and heading to Chowking for breakfast where I also met up with my buddies from Kasama Run 2017 – Tristan and Pyx and our other friend, Chay.

Buddies! Me, Tristan, Pyx and Chay

Even though I am not particularly fond of the route this year, I am still glad to have been able to participate. Thank you to Mujib for trusting me to pace him.

Thank you and congratulations also to Pinoy Fitness! Official photos and results here.

My August has been packed with runs so I might slow down in September but let us see. After all, running is life. Lol.

Run with me.

Thanks for reading!

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