Sleepy Run at Run With Me 2018

Hi there! Last August 26, I completed a 32KM Afroman Distance in Run With Me 2018. This is, by far, the sleepiest I have been during a run. I lost count of how many times I yawned prior, during and post the event but case in point, I was that sleepy.

Nonetheless, I managed to pull through and cross the finish line with open eyes.

Read more about the experience below.

It was my friend and teammate, James, who registered for me in this run. It was not until several days before the event that I knew of the change in gun start to 1:00AM for the 32km distance. Although this was not the first time I joined an event with a very early gun start (7-Eleven Marathon and Amihan Road Ultra started at 12:00AM), I still felt that the gun start was too early for the distance.

I was already at the event at around 11:45PM because James requested that I be there before 12:00AM so I can get my kit from him. It was after several minutes that him and my other teammate, Marco, arrived.

Event area at 12:00AM. Too early for my life zzz
James, Marco and I
Photo taken by Bicolano Runner

When the run began at 1:00AM, the two boys dashed away and I was left to my thoughts and music while running at my own pace. Even when I had good pace at the onset, I still felt lazy and sleepy and kept thinking to stop somewhere to take a nap (after all, the cut-off time was pretty long). But of course I did not do that and I kept running and yawning.

When Kalayaan Flyover came to view, my initial reaction was, “Ugh, here we go again.” since this flyover has been part of most of my runs this year. We had to pass this flyover four times, again and with each pass, I yawned. What I like; however, was the abundance of aid stations with bananas and cold sponges.

My legs started to hurt and tire around KM 25 where my pace dropped. I, again, found place to sit to massage my legs briefly before proceeding to run again and I also started walking several times which was why the drop in my pace was drastic. However, because of this rest, I was able to slightly recover my pace.

It was not until KM 29 that I felt my right knee hurt. I was thinking, “O c’mon, what else can go wrong?” Lol. This is what happens when I do not get enough sleep. But because I was already near, I pushed it and had a steady pace from 30 up until 32. (James even called me around KM 31 to ask where I was and I just said, “Friend, I’m still running but I’m almost there. Please wait for me at the finish line”)

Finish line at the other side

And finally, I crossed the finish line with the time of four 4:07 (seven minutes short of Sub-4 and not a PR but not to worry, it still felt good to be able to finish 32KM). I was greeted by James and we then met up with our other teammates Marco and Kenn after getting my finisher entitlements. James placed first in the per color category and 8th overall (so strong!)

Good thing the medal is pretty…and heavy

We stayed in the event area up until the program was finished since James was asked to go to the holding area. Surprisingly, we were also at the holding area and Marco and I used this time to…yes, that is right, SLEEP. I was happy to be able to get a decent area to snooze and I woke up when it was already bright so Marco and I got up to roam around, take photos and change our sweaty clothes.

Post-event with Marco, James and Karen

Unfortunately, placing in the per color category had no bearing, apparently. James was not given anything and he was just made to wait for nothing so we also waited for nothing. The organizers did not give anything – medal or certificate so it made us really disappointed on why they had to make all the per color category placers wait at the holding area considering the announcement of the per color category winners was done at the last part of the program. Because of this, a lot of runners got really annoyed (same with us since we were waiting for the announcement of the winners as well to support our friend)

Well, to compensate for the disappointment, we just decided to have a good breakfast in Bonchon where James treated us, again. Hooray!

Good morning from James, me, Karen, Marco and Kenn

Good points about this run:

  1. Good number of aid stations
  2. Lots of marshals and medical team stationed across the entire route
  3. Nice medal
  4. Installation of lights along the dark parts of the route

Disappointing points:

  1. Very early gun start
  2. Minimal number of XS and S kits
  3. No prize for per color/tribe category winners


Race results here

And this concludes my run-packed August. I will slow down again in September but I will make sure to join at least one running event.

Running has been very therapeutic in making my weekends more productive even though I am pretty much asleep throughout the day after a long-distance run. Lol.

Until the next race! Run with me.

Thanks for reading!

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