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A Second Look at Mt. Ugo

It has been a while since I have last written a post or hiked for that matter. And while it was indeed a difficult decision to hike up again, I can say that I definitely missed everything about hiking. More so that my welcome back climbed was in the beautiful Mt. Ugo.

I will not go into so much detail as most of it can be read in my first post which you can find here. The only difference is that for this hike, we rented a van.

Mt. Ugo did not disappoint when it gave us stunning views of Cordillera. The weather also cooperated in such a way that it was cloudy enough during the open parts of the trail.

Here are some of our photos during the hike:

A must-watch video that sums up our hike to Mt. Ugo. If you still are not convinced about the mountain’s beauty, this video can, hopefully do that for you. Video courtesy of Jervine.

Grateful to my friends for inviting me even if I confirmed at the last minute. Again, please do not forget to check my initial blog post about Mt. Ugo for more details.

Thanks for reading!

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