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Hey, I’m Camae, a Filipina born on the 23rd of February. Welcome to Escapades!

I started this mainly because I wanted to document my hobbies and share my interests. I like looking back at past experiences to gauge how I have changed over time.

Expect to see the following in my blog:


I love to dress up but more than putting on fancy clothes, what I like is really being able to express my style through what I wear. There are days when I can be seen with just a plain shirt and a pair of shorts and there are days when I would go extra and plan each piece accordingly. Fashion is, after all, subjective.


I started with my fitness journey in 2015. This was something I, myself, did not expect doing but grateful for being able to discover. My journey involves a lot of running, hiking and going to the gym. I never find these easy to do but at the same time, I always find the results worth it.


Whenever an opportunity to travel presents itself, I always try my best to grab it. I love seeing different places and gathering different experiences and solidifying them into great memories. Posts about travel are mostly about my hikes to different mountains in the Philippines and in Canada and some are about my out of town trips to both local and international destinations.


Every so often, I also write about my insights on different life events because I tend to be very sentimental at times. This is actually where people can get to know me further.

For possible collaborations, you may leave a message through the “Contact Me” menu and I will try and get back to you as soon as possible. I always reply!

Thanks for visiting!


    • Camae

      Thank you very much for dropping by and taking time to read my blog. 🙂 The Pyrenees mountain range looks amazing. If given the opportunity, I’d surely climb it. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Nenita

    I just read your entry on Mt. Damas. I grew up in one of the barrio in Camiling, Tarlac and now trying to research the possible mountains or hikes to do around the area. Your pictures and blog is so cute and entertaining. It’s to the point and informative. Your adventures and treks are totally inspiring and I hope to see you explore further. U.S. is filled with National Parks and amazing sights. Same with Canada and Norway and more…

    I added you in IG and I look forward to following more of your adventures. Keep on exploring and get that high that is called LIFE!!!

  • Richard Sauzs

    Oh well.. I am just proud of this Lady. Morethan a blogger, she’s a good brand marketing, trade marketing… you can see also her sale skills + OCness (organize) in everything and importantantly… she’s a good friend.

    Continue to blog and inspire other people, Karla!



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