• Fashion

    On Chill Days

    Hey! Most of my posts recently have been all about my trips and fitness endeavors. That is why in this quick post, I will breeze over what I did last Saturday together with what I wore on that day.

  • Fashion

    The Chick

    Hi! Remember when I posted about my different types of work outfits? Well today I wore one type: The Chick! I also decided to look a bit different than usual so I changed something from my everyday look.

  • Personal

    Look Up, February

    Hello! I haven’t been writing as much the past few weeks because I have been very preoccupied. But let me make up for it through this post. February has always been my favorite month. Aside from the fact…

  • Fashion,  Personal

    My Christmas 2014

    Happy Holidays everyone! It’s the most wonderful time of the year again when Jesus, our savior, is born. We should all remember that this is the true meaning of Christmas. During this season, most of us celebrate with the…

  • Fashion

    A Thing For Blazers

    Let me start off by saying how much I adore blazers: I ADORE BLAZERS! For one, they make a casual attire look slightly formal. This is perfect for days when I’m wearing something casual and a meeting suddenly…

  • Fashion

    A Girl Should Always Look Presentable

    This is what I told myself when I was younger. I do not remember when I started to love dressing up because I used to be the wear-whatever-you-find-on-top-of-the-closet kind of girl but I like how I dress up now.…