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    On Chill Days

    Hey! Most of my posts recently have been all about my trips and fitness endeavors. That is why in this quick post, I will breeze over what I did last Saturday together with what I wore on that day.

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    Christmas 2015

    Hi everyone, it is that most wonderful time of the year again – Christmas! I am glad that I celebrated this with a grateful heart despite the roller-coaster I have been through this year. In this post; however, I…

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    The Three Types of Work Outfits

    Hi! We transferred offices just a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, the office got farther from where I live so I have to wake up extra early just to be able to make it to the office by…

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    No Pain, No Gain

    Hi! This will be a quick post on the things that happened last week. I guess the highlight would probably be how I wasn’t able to walk properly the entire week. It all started after my fun…

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    23 on 2-23

    Hi guys! I celebrated my birthday two days ago. I mentioned in my previous post that the first half of February was not really going well and that I was doing several things to turn it around.…

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    Hi everyone, this will be a quick outfit post for February 21, 2015. I had a long day ahead with many places to go to (and I always try stand by my word that a girl should…

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    Look Up, February

    Hello! I haven’t been writing as much the past few weeks because I have been very preoccupied. But let me make up for it through this post. February has always been my favorite month. Aside from the fact…

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    Print On Print

    Hi everyone. It has been a while since I last posted a blog entry so let me start off by greeting you guys a very Happy New Year! I have listed some of my resolutions in my…

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    My Christmas 2014

    Happy Holidays everyone! It’s the most wonderful time of the year again when Jesus, our savior, is born. We should all remember that this is the true meaning of Christmas. During this season, most of us celebrate with the…